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When Green Stinks

We recently moved into a new building in the downtown area.  With all of this hyper-ventilating over being “Green” there’s a new reason to hate being Green.

One thing that we noticed in the bathrooms is that it stinks.  It stinks really bad.  There’s some ventilation, but not more than the normal areas in the building.  When you step in during a busy time, you are the one who’s green and it’s not because you recycle.  The reason: there’s no air freshener.  You know, the little rectangle box that sit’s motionless all day except for the brief sound of a low powered motor pressing the nozzle of a can of flatulence erasing aroma.  “Why”, you may ask, “is there no air freshener in the bathrooms?”  Well, we got word yesterday (we assumed the same, but it’s official now) that the reason for the foul stench is “Green Certification”.  That’s right.  In order to be “Green”, you can’t have power operated air fresheners in the bathroom.  Instead, you should opt for something that’s not power driven, like aromatic plants.  In a bathroom?  What is this, the great outdoors?  “Does a developer $!*% in the woods?  NO!”

It was sent out that due to the LEED Certification, we were not to have the traditional powered air fresheners, but something else that was not powered.  Imagine, 100’s of those little tree air fresheners hanging from the ceiling.  Maybe a few dozen really aromatic flowers would sit well in the men’s bathroom.  Well, we have those bamboo sticks which stick out of a bottle of scented oil.  It kind of works.  I mean, you don’t really get overcome by what’s been going on there.  However let’s face it, that stuff is made to make rooms smell pretty, not get rid of really offensive smells.

Here’s another example of how “Green” cost more than it’s worth.  The LEED certified air freshener dispenser costs $15 with refills costing $20 (from my quick cursory search).  Yeah, like replacing the $0.75 light bulbs with the $15.00 CFLs is really cost effective for the average house.


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