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When will race really not matter?

There’s one way I know when someone is just trying to demonize someone, that’s when they are using generalities.  The Democrats really know how to demonize someone.  Sadly, many people don’t see past the generalities and get suckered into believing the lie.

For years we’ve been told that Republicans, all of them, are racist.  That they will never vote for a black person just because they are black.  So many times we’ve been told that.  Don’t believe me, just search for “GOP racism”, or “republican racist” and you get blog after blog, faux study after faux study.  It’s everywhere.

I had a post on Facebook that basically called out those who believed it (because of posts and comments they had made).  The only response was to the effect of “well, it’s not that bad to falsely accuse someone of racism”.

Now, if it’s racist to vote for someone because they are white, what do you make of this:



That’s right, the Democrats engaging in the double standard, encouraging votes by race instead of by vitrtues of accomplishments and policy.  I guess they need to get the votes any way they can.


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