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Clive Bundy’s comments about Blacks and Mexicans are misunderstood

Recently, the rancher who’s been in the media due a stand-off while the BLM was trying to execute a court order to confiscate his cattle has made some comments that were easily construed as racist.  Many of the Liberal media outlets such as the New Yorker and Time.  TV Media has also been jumping on the bandwagon to bolster hate against this simple man.  However, very few, if any, have actually shown those supposed racial comments in context.  Over at Infowars, they’ve found what looks like a video of most of his comments and have written a transcript for all to see.

As I have stated before, Bundy is a simple man.  It’s easy to see what I mean from that video.  He’s worked with a wide variety of people and after 80 years, seems to have a grasp on how people are.  The biggest statement that is causing all the bru-ha-ha is that he wondered if the Blacks were better off under slavery.  Obviously that isn’t the case, life as a slave was horrible.  But, there’s been plenty of people who have equated live under welfare as losing one’s freedom.  In fact, I posted a fable that talks about this very thing.

I don’t agree fully with Bundy.  Obviously he and a lot of us don’t know to the full extent the pains the Blacks felt under slavery.  Nobody wants to go back to that (Bundy even said that in the full statement).  But I do agree that lot’s of families in this country are depending too much on the Government, and the Politicians are basically buying their votes with entitlements.  Too many people in this country are like these seagulls in the “Fable of the Gullible Gull”.  I think that for the majority of them, it’s not their fault, but the Government isn’t helping matters with the anti-business policies that they are pushing.  I hope things get better, but it won’t until we begin holding politicians accountable and demand that they start working for us instead of their Party or Power.


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