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Right to Work at work

Here’s a must read article about how Unions use compulsory membership as a means to increase membership and thus push their agenda.  It starts out a story that tells how two disabled women with hypertonic cerebral palsy and their caregiver parents had 2.75% of their Medicaid checks given to the SEIU, because SEIU claimed that all home healthcare workers were members of their union.  How can they do that?

In 2005, Democratic governor Jennifer Granholm used an obscure provision in Michigan law to bypass the legislature and create a dummy employer, the Michigan Quality Community Care Council, for all home-healthcare workers. From there, the SEIU sent out letters asking home-health-care workers to vote on unionization.

Around 80 percent of those who were sent letters never replied; many reportedly thought it was junk mail. But among the 20 percent who did, the majority supported organization. With only 6,949 favorable votes — out of more than 40,000 prospective members — the SEIU gleefully announced that every home-healthcare worker in the state of Michigan was now a member.

If you read the rest of the article, you see how Right to Work can restore the correct balance of the forced union membership in workplaces.

Now, because Right to Work laws were passed and enacted in Michigan, SEIUs membership dropped 80%, back down to where it should have been in the first place.  If you get a letter talking about “Unionizing” something that you are a part of, say No.


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