A model to the rest of the nation and the world

Don’t put that in your mind, you don’t know where it’s been!

I have no delusions that I’m a good writer, or that I make really good points.  Most of what you read here is just stuff that I try to get off of my chest.  But lately I’ve been running into really, really stupid articles.  (what, stupid stuff on the interwebs?).  I’ve decided that since I’m calling this heap of junk that I put out on the internet “Unfit for the Internet”, I might as well start point out what I see as articles and other internet stuffs that is, well Unfit for the Internet.

The first item that I bring to you is an article from the extreme leftist website “PolicyMic” written by one Eileen Shim, which highlights one of the cool things about Japanese culture, honor.  But first, a little hatred and over the top generalization to get things started…

The article starts off in a bad way…

The news: When American fans win a major sporting event, they often like to celebrate by turning over cars and burning everything in sight. When Japanese teams lose, it turns out that fans commiserate by cleaning the stadium.

That’s right, every stinking sports fan in the grand ol US of A is exactly like those LA Laker fans who took the opportunity to engage in a little civil disobedience.  Shim’s talking to you golf fans!

Now that a proper villain has been established, in comes to good guy…

On Saturday, Japan lost its first World Cup match with the Ivory Coast by 2-1. While that could have been a demoralizing start for most sports enthusiasts, a bunch of Japanese fans who attended the event at Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil decided to respond with an unbelievably classy move: cleaning up the stadium.

This is an awesome thing.  No doubt about it.  And I’m not picking on Shim for pointing this out, she’s right to do so.  It’s what she does next that gives this article a “Unfit for the Internet” stamp of disgrace.

In true fashion, she begins to deluge us with image upon image of just how awful America really is.  I mean, surely every person who enjoys sports is exactly like the LA Laker fans or College Frat boys who’s celebrations include turning over cars and setting them on fire.  No other country in the world has fans like those horrible Americans.  I mean, look at these Seahawk fans celebrating wildly when their team won the Superbowl.  That’s one group of fans living on the edge I tell you.

So, file this one under Unfit for the Internet.


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