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Jesse Jackson tells the Tech Industry “You are Racist!”

Lets say that you’ve owned a store for 20 some odd years. Through the years you’ve gotten the reputation in the city and the industry you serve as one of the best stores for handicapped shoppers. So much so that other local stores have followed your example and methods (which you have published and given talks about) and have increased satisfaction of handicapped shoppers in the city. In fact, you have started a trend in the industry to think of handicapped shoppers world wide.

Now, let’s say that some guy drives up to your store, parks in the handicapped parking space, uses the handicapped door sensor on your doors to come in, walks up the wheelchair ramp, past the chair carts, into the store and past the cash registers made for a variety of challenged people, past the employees specifically there to help customers get their purchases to their vehicles. He comes right up to you and tells you that you and your industry don’t care about handicapped people, but he’s only talking about people who use cats as service animals.

Jesse Jackson just did that to the Tech Industry in Seattle.

“The reality is the high-tech companies are more segregated than the Ferguson police department, at least they had two blacks on the police department.”

Okay, that part makes me so mad that I’m almost physically ill. I’ve been working in the Tech Industry for 20 years, 14 of those years here in the Seattle area. I’ve been involved in interviewing and hiring individuals for the past 7 or so years. I’ve interviewed more individuals that are non-white than white individuals. It always comes down to two questions, the most important of which is Does the candidates capabilities meet the needs of of the company? It’s not based on race, or culture, or sex, or any of the other things that just don’t make sense. Why? Because the Tech Industry, unlike Jesse himself, realizes that talent comes from anywhere and everywhere. It doesn’t do a company any good to limit his talent pool if he’s looking to hire the best he can find.

But, never mind the facts, Jesse is only interested in pushing a false narrative.  And, of course, as the dutiful liberal outlet, King 5 doesn’t question Jackson’s data, let alone his motives.

Jackson is supposed to meet with the Microsoft Executive team to discuss why they are so racist.  Satya Nadella, Microsofts CEO from Hyderabad India, no doubt will correct him.  The only fear I have is that some of them will capitulate to agree to something stupid.  I hope for the sake of us share-holders that they just grab some selfies and show him the door and continue their current practices.

Of course, Jesse is just hunting for money for his group, much like he did in Ferguson, before he was essentially ran out of town. And now he’s trying to shake the largest trees with deep pockets. No doubt he’ll get the money he’s after, because here in the Left Coast there’s sheeple with money to burn.

This is nothing more than a scam by a scam artist.