Worse than Nixon…

Here’s a good article about how the Obama Administration (including the State Department) has tried to get around FOIA requests.

“…the Obama White House has turned stonewalling into an art form. A favorite tactic is to ignore or string out the requests. That’s what State did in Mrs. Clinton’s case, claiming it simply couldn’t get around to issuing her emails until next year…”

Well, that’s surprising.  No, not really.


Hillary Clinton is “on the wrong side of history” about Boko Haram

Quite literally, Hillary Clinton is on the wrong side of history when it comes to Boko Haram.  When she was the head of the State Department, she fought against labeling the now infamous Boko Haram a terrorist group.  The reason?  It would give them “creds”.

Designating them as official terrorists, the petition says, “would increase rather than diminish the threat from Boko Haram. It would give the group additional visibility and credibility among international terrorist networks. It would increase the chances that the group would direct its attacks against U.S. targets.”

Just where does this line of thinking come from?  Well, MoveOn.org of course.  Breitbart has an article on this, plus a link to the well written original Daily Beast article and others.

File this as another example of why Hillary is unqualified to be the President, let alone run for the office.

The root of the problem

A friend posted this.  It’s so good, I have to post it to my blog.  Partially because Bill Clinton was just on the DNC Convention telling people that President Obama came into office with essentially someone elses problem on his desk.  Well, what happens when you are in the kitchen?  You get dirty:

Fact Check: Obama Had More to Do With 2008 Economic Meltdown Than Bush Ever Did

Apparently, as a “Community Organizer”, Obama sued banks to ease their lending practices.  Obama is partially to blame for the financial crisis that he failed to recover from.  More over this “deregulation” was a result of years of pressure from Progressives such as Clinton (Mrs), Obama, and others.  Why would Conservatives even think that loaning to people who can’t afford or have no history of being able to pay those types of loans?