Playing With Words

Here’s a good post that hopefully will open your eyes to the games politicians and government play with words and your emotions.  When someone talks about “the poor”, what comes to mind?  A family who struggles to have enough food on the table despite two working parents?  Maybe a family who can’t make ends meet even after having to give up all of their luxuries and extras?  Well, the government has a different idea of what being poor is like.  Blue State Failure has a great writeup on a research paper written by Robert Rector and Rachel Sheffield and published by the Heritage Foundation.

Here’s a teaser:

Comparing the average American and the average “poor” American Rector and Sheffield found that the poor had many household amenities that many average Americans would think a poor person would not have.

All of this is used to puff up numbers to terms and phrases that strike emotion in you.  It gives you reason to support and demand that the government do something.   Having the support, the government can grow and create more programs and build it’s empire over you.