It’s Doff, you duff!

When you are on Facebook or your favorite social network site do you ever see something that makes you cringe?  This morning I did.  I have an old high school friend that I’ve reconnected and pay attention to his posts.  He has quite a few friends and is quite social as he’s still single.  He also enjoys taking pictures of friends events and posts them.  He posted an album of pictures from a wedding recently and I noticed something in the pictures that really made me cringe.

The wedding pictures were of the dinner after the ceremony so there were the obligatory pictures of friends and relatives at different tables and what not.  Eventually I got to the pictures of what looked like the best men and brides maids.  I know this because a theme was beginning to form as I went from picture to picture.  Then I saw it, a Fedora.

Now, when I say Fedora, I’m not talking a proper Fedora like the ones that you would see in proper period movies such as The Untouchables.  I’m talking the 60’s style Cuban Fedoras that maybe Frank Sinatra would have worn.  Hat or no hat, it’s part of the theme that they obviously choose to have.  Everyone does that.  One point that I want to make before continuing however.  If you want to be like Frank and wear one of those Cuban style Fedoras, don’t pull it down to your brow like you might for a proper Fedora.  Instead, look at how Frank wore his and copy that.  Those hats look just goofy if you pull them down to your brow.

What really maked me cringe is they were wearing the hats AT the dinner tables INSIDE a private function.  Frank Sinatra would have punched them, Elliot Ness would have arrested them, and Al Capone would have them shot for such impolite gesture.

When you Don your hat you are expected to Doff (or take off) your hat when you are in a private place.  You tip it when you meet someone and you take it off if you stop to talk.  Well, Andy Gilchrist has a better bead on how to wear a hat better than I could tell you.  Needless to say, sitting at a table during a private wedding dinner is NOT the place to be wearing a hat.

Now a bit of clarification, yes, I know that Frank Sinatra did in fact wear classic Fedoras.  I’m no hat expert, but I can tell the difference between this and this.  The latter is the type of hats they had.