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Jay Inslee calls the conscientious “Extremists”

Here’s another Unfit For The Internet award.  Although, it most certainly qualifies as unfit for anything.

If you haven’t seen the videos from Planned Parenthood selling body parts from aborted babies you should.  They are truly shocking and abhorrent.  The videos highlight something that the local and federal governments were not aware of.  That Planned Parenthood not only convinces women to have abortions and carries them out, but they harvest the bodies of the killed babies and sells the body parts.  Paying special attention to the parts that will bring in the most money.  The callous nature that these doctors show for the bodies of the babies shouldn’t be allowed.  Even Hillary Clinton has come out and said that the videos were disturbing.

Now comes in Jay Inslee, the moronic Governor of the State of Washington, to open his mouth and show why electing him was a mistake.  He released a statement after he received letters from people who have a conscience asking for either an investigation to start into these allegations or funding being removed from Planned Parenthood.  It’s not surprising that letters like these be sent to every governor in the union given the nature of this problem, but Governor Inslee doesn’t see it that way.  The Seattle PI’s article states…

“Planned Parenthood provides millions of women across the country access to a full range of affordable health care and family planning services,” Inslee said in a statement.  “National extremist organizations are engaged in a concerted effort to discredit, and ultimately eliminate, an organization that so many women rely on.” (emphasis mine)

That’s right, Inslee is calling people who conscientiously object to the selling of the body parts of the babies they are aborting “extremists”.  That’s right, if you have a conscience and feel that at the least an investigation to these allegations should be started, you are an extremist.  It’s apparently wrong to even ask for an investigation into likely illegal activities shown in the video.

But you would be remiss if you thought that this was an original thought out of the brain of Inslee.  It sounds as if he’s just parroting the how the President of Planned Parenthood feels about those who caught them in the act.  His statement and his choice of words speaks volumes about how he feels with those of conscience.  He’s telegraphed his actions and will not do his sworn duty to uphold the law.

And for his part, he has earned the Unfit For The Internet award.  Governor Inslee, you are unfit!


Will Washington state be in the fire?

“Out of the frying pan, into the fire”  Its a common saying.  People use it all the time to describe when things go from bad to worse.  Could Washington State be headed in that direction?

Currently, two candidates are campaigning to replace a Democrat governor that has been one of the worst governors in recent history.  The Cato Institute gave her an F:

“Chris Gregoire of Washington earned a well-deserved “F” on the last Cato report card.  There has been a never-ending stream of tax-increase proposals coming from this governor since 2005.  In her first year, she raised taxes on cigarettes, gasoline, liquor, and vehicles.  She also re-established an estate tax after a previous version had been struck down by the courts.  In 2009 she signed into law increases in business taxes, sales taxes, cigarette taxes, beer taxes, soda taxes, and candy taxes.  In 2010 she approved a large increase in the cigarette tax, a huge hospital tax, and increases in business taxes and beer taxes.  In 2011 she proposed a half cent increase in the sales tax rate, but that was rejected by the legislature.  In 2012 Gregoire proposed a new tax on crude oil to raise $275 million a year.”

Really, I would say that I would give the voting public in Washington state an F because they were warned by Gregoire’s last challenger, Dino Rossi, that the state was headed for fiscal trouble.  I would also give the Washington State Democratic party and F as well as Seattle Times because they both persuaded voters that Rossi wasn’t truthful on the subject.  But I digress.

Gregoire is an outgoing (lame duck) so why would Washington State be in danger of real bad problems?  Well, I think Jim Miller over at SoundPolitics.com said it well:

“…Finally, here’s a scary thought:  Former congressman Jay Inslee, who is running to replace Gregoire, would be even worse on fiscal issues, in my opinion.  Inslee is promising to do the same things that Gregoire did, and more — while avoiding her, for some reason, on the campaign trail.”

There are many reasons I’m not voting for Jay Inslee and his finance ideas are definitely on the list.  However, the top of the list is a list is the fact that he had a chance to focus directly on his candidacy while making sure that his constituents have proper representation at the federal level.  See, 2 years ago, Jay Inslee was running for re-election.  However, it was discovered that he had already registered websites for his Gubernatorial run.  This would mean that he would either have to give up his office shortly after being elected leaving his district unrepresented until someone could be elected, or his Gubernatorial campaign would have to be short.

He was asked if he was planning on running for Governor back in 2010 during a debate and his answer is just insulting (especially 2 years later when he is running for Governor).  Take a look at how slimy he answers the question.  Of course, we now know the answer.  So, now the district is left without representation, money (all though very little) for a special election is wasted, and he gets a paycheck while he ramps up for his Gubernatorial candidacy.

Seriously, people who vote for this slimebag are just asking for the fire.