Barack Obama: The New Casiodorus Rex

Who is Casiodorus Rex?  Well, he was the King of a land besieged by a dragon by the name of Vermithrax in the movie Dragonslayer.  In short, there was a lottery to give a sacrifice to Vermithrax so that it wouldn’t lay siege to the land.  The Princess was picked, the King hired a sorcerer to kill the dragon and when it was all done and said, the King then proclaimed himself “Casiodorus Rex, Dragonslayer”, taking credit for killing the dragon.

During all the hype for Obama in this election cycle many pundits and media organizations have created lists of Obama’s accomplishments.  Of course the accomplishment of the killing of Bin Laden is predominantly placed on just about every list.  However, I think that he’s actually getting too much credit for this.  In fact, I think he and everyone who want’s Obama to get re-elected should strike this from their list of accomplishments.  Here’s why.

Obama had almost nothing to do with the mission.  It’s very doubtful that he had any say in the planning, organization of, or even the choice of teams.  He may have given the final approval on the mission details and even the final go ahead for before the point of no return.  But in reality there were thousands of man hours behind the effort to capture or kill Bin Laden.  From the CIA opperatives on the ground to the desk jockeys in various nondescript buildings.  There’s many of the small people who worked at the direction of policies created by George W. Bush that brought us the information that eventually led us to the name of the courier to Bin Laden.

Obama taking credit for this accomplishment is like a corporate executive taking full credit and getting the bonuses with out giving any to people below him.  It’s like a King taking credit for the wonderful work of the citizens of his kingdom.  It’s like Casiodorus Rex in the movie Dragonslayer who took credit for the people who rightfully killed the dragon.  Obama is the new Casiodorus Rex.