What are you being conditioned to believe “code words” are being used for?

Here’s the latest installment of true “Unfit for the Internet”.

There’s been some articles floating around which are just range from lazy to asinine. The sad thing is, there are some folks who actually believe this. Which is why these articles are boarder on insidious.

Apparently, while claiming the term “cracker” is a “term of endearment”, there’s a few “code words” that when used really are racially charged words to describe something, anything, that might be related to a Black person or persons. Of course, the only people who are really using them in a way to be racist are only Republicans or Conservatives. Joe Biden can use the words and not be racist, cause he’s rich white Democrat who just wants the Blacks to do his bidding.

Curious what these words are?

  1. Thug
  2. Urban/Inner City
  3. Welfare and Food Stamps
  4. Law and Order
  5. Cut Taxes

“OMG, I’m like, horrified that people still use these words!” Although some of these are terms, not words, we’ll let that slide. While I could just go on and on about these words, I’m going to quote from a reply to the article because it’s pretty good. Go to the article and look for Harry Merkin’s response at the bottom of the page.

1) THUG http://misterroosevelt.blogspot.com/2008/06/suprising-origins-of-word-thug.html.
All this time I never knew black people were actually from India.

2) URBAN http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/urban.
Do any of you people KNOW what a dictionary is?

3) STATE’S RIGHTS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/States’_rights.
In American political discourse, states’ rights refers to political powers reserved for the U.S. state governments rather than the federal government according to the United States Constitution, reflecting especially the enumerated powers of Congress and the Tenth Amendment.

4) LAW AND ORDER I don’t even NEED to give proof of how asinine THIS ONE is. You don’t think white people commit crimes? Jeffery Dahmer used to EAT black people. Casey Anthony killed her child. Charles Manson, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin….I could go on. Jesus, do you think every criminal is black? Guess that makes the TV show LAW and ORDER the most racist shit being broadcast today.

5) CUT TAXES This word is racist? Hard working Americans don’t like paying taxes. People too lazy to get off their asses and work and expect others to pay their way, don’t worry about a higher tax bracket.

Some of the other responses are entertaining of course. One even suggests that the writing is using an Andy Kauffman tactic. Act like an idiot so people think you are an idiot.

Now, we all laugh at this and think that they aren’t serious, or that nobody could possibly be that gullible. Surely this is new. But it’s not. I found these words grouped together in this same claim in what may be the originating article. Of course the original article is targeting Senator Paul Ryan and his racist terms in a speech he gave. The list in this article has 8 words, 5 of which got carried over to the article above. The 3 dropped words are “forced busing”, “shariah law” and “illegal alien”. The last two are just as stupid, but extra because the connotations have nothing to do with race, that is unless you are going to be disingenuous.

“Shariah Law” obviously is religious word, one of the Muslim faith. If anything, it’s a religious word not racist. Because a large portion of the worlds population is Muslim, and that spans many races, how can its usage be racist? If anyone knows anything about Islam is that it’s one of the largest religions in the world which spans across the globe. Which means that it covers all races. So, which race is using that term racist against?

Ironically, by mentioning President Bush and the Iraq war the author is doing the exact same thing that she is claiming Ryan is doing with using the term “forced busing”. She “simply dropped in the phrase[s] to trigger resentment and gain supporters.” Again. it looks like the author is being disingenuous.

“illegal alien” is another term that is often misrepresented by Socialists, Progressives, and Liberals. It is in fact a technical term that is used in government documentation. While these people make these assertions about things they know nothing about, those of us who have actually gone through the immigration system and deal with it often understand that this term is in no way racist. The simple proof is asking the author which race she thinks this is pointed against. It’s obvious that she’s talking about Mexico. Of course, Mexico is a country, not a race. Then there’s the claim that it’s against Latinos. But again, anyone who knows anything about our immigration system know s that one of the biggest problem we have is people overstaying their visas. These offenders are also “illegal aliens”. And which race is that? Well, just about from every country in the world.

The thing that is interesting in this whole thing is that if the use of these words were really so truly racist and an actual problem the articles wouldn’t be pointing to only 1 group of individuals, the Republicans. It would be pointed to all people. It’s my assertion that these articles point to people doing just what they claim the Republicans are doing. They are trying to set up “code words” for common themes used by Republicans so that when Republicans use them people just push them off as Racist and the condemnation begins.

These types of articles are truly “unfit for the internet”.


Is he just being a contrarian or is there something to what he’s saying?

Gary Oldman was recently interviewed by Playboy and had some responses that will catch the ear of a few people.  Since its Playboy, I won’t be linking to their site but I am looking for an alternative link.  However, Independent Journal Review has sections of the interview available for reading without scantily clad women leering in the background.  Needless to say, some of his responses somewhat NSFW, or at least read at home away from kids.

Looks like he and I share similar feelings about “Political Correctness”:

“I just think political correctness is crap. That’s what I think about it. I think it’s like, take a f***ing joke. Get over it. … I don’t know about Mel. He got drunk and said a few things, but we’ve all said those things. We’re all f***ing hypocrites. That’s what I think about it.”

And the intellectual dishonesty when it comes to calling out racism:

“It’s our culture now, absolutely. At the Oscars, if you didn’t vote for 12 Years a Slave, you were a racist. You have to be very careful about what you say. I do have particular views and opinions that most of this town doesn’t share, but it’s not like I’m a fascist or a racist. There’s nothing like that in my history.”

Lot’s of people fee the same way as Gary when it comes the the hypocrisy of Liberal Media:

“Well, if I called Nancy Pelosi a c**t—and I’ll go one better, a f***ing useless c**t—I can’t really say that. But Bill Maher and Jon Stewart can, and nobody’s going to stop them from working because of it.”

One thing that is pointed out that has people hemming and hawing is the fact that despite his amazing body of work, he has only a single Academy Awards nomination.  Obviously with some of the things he’s said there will be a few roles he’ll not be invited to read for.  However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t support people like him.

And if you really need an answer the title of this post poses, yes, there is something to what he is saying.

Learning how to be offensive

Certain factions of the government (the “politically correct police” faction) is trying to force the American Football team, the Washington D. C. Redskins, to change their name.  Why?  Well, the term “Redskin” is apparently racist, or at the very least derogatory or offensive.  Before we really even entertain such nonsense there’s one question we need to ask: Where’s proof of the word being used in a derogatory manner within the last 10-15 years?

Do a search with Bing or Google for the word redskin and exclude “Washington”, “football”, “sports”, and “team” and see what you get.  Mostly definitions, some medical sites with pages on the skin condition, a movie, a used car lot website, and lot’s of sites saying that it’s offensive.  But after 10 pages of search results in both, I couldn’t find a single example of intentional derogatory usage.  If that’s not enough, feel free to go over to the News searches and see what’s there.  Just more people telling you that the word is offensive, but no actual offensive use.

Because how the word is used can change the definition of the word, the question of recent usage is an important question.  Take, for example the words “Gay” and “Queer”.  Try to use the words “Gay” or “Queer” as their original definitions and see how many confused or concerned looks you produce.  Most children will directly associate the word to the football team and will need to be educated as to what the word once was used as to show them that it could be used in an offensive way.  That to me shows that we are moving beyond using “Redskin” as a derogatory word.  As a simple, but effective test, I asked my High School aged daughter about the team Washington D. C. Redskins, and if she found that offensive or derogatory.  She just said it’s the same as the Yankees and couldn’t figure out why it was offensive or derogatory.  It goes to show, you have to be taught how to use it in an offensive or derogatory way in order to know it can be used that way.  In other words, those who are so worried about you being offensive teach you how to use certain words in an offensive or derogatory way.

This brings me to something I discovered in High School.  Being a typical adolescent who tries to be clever, my best friend and I began to use the word “friend” in a new way.  We were pretty consistent in that use of the word, which meant the completely opposite of the word.  Yes, we weren’t very nice at times.  Pretty soon, you did not want to be called “friend” by a certain group of people.  We realized just exactly what we had done, we took a good word and turned it into a bad one.  It was easy.  Does that mean that nobody should use the word “friend”?  No.

I don’t really think that the use of the word as it generally is today is offensive or derogatory.  I haven’t been able to find a recent example of it being used that way.  I feel that using the word in a positive way  In any case, someone will need to tell the Red Mesa High School that they will need to change their name as well.  I’m sure that the Navajo High School would be happy to be renamed the Vikings or something less offensive.

Oh, and please, if you are referring to the “Washington” on the East Coast, please remember that it’s “Washington D. C.” so you don’t confuse that group of malcontents with the State of Washington and our group of malcontents.  D. C. is slightly more corrupt.

Clive Bundy’s comments about Blacks and Mexicans are misunderstood

Recently, the rancher who’s been in the media due a stand-off while the BLM was trying to execute a court order to confiscate his cattle has made some comments that were easily construed as racist.  Many of the Liberal media outlets such as the New Yorker and Time.  TV Media has also been jumping on the bandwagon to bolster hate against this simple man.  However, very few, if any, have actually shown those supposed racial comments in context.  Over at Infowars, they’ve found what looks like a video of most of his comments and have written a transcript for all to see.

As I have stated before, Bundy is a simple man.  It’s easy to see what I mean from that video.  He’s worked with a wide variety of people and after 80 years, seems to have a grasp on how people are.  The biggest statement that is causing all the bru-ha-ha is that he wondered if the Blacks were better off under slavery.  Obviously that isn’t the case, life as a slave was horrible.  But, there’s been plenty of people who have equated live under welfare as losing one’s freedom.  In fact, I posted a fable that talks about this very thing.

I don’t agree fully with Bundy.  Obviously he and a lot of us don’t know to the full extent the pains the Blacks felt under slavery.  Nobody wants to go back to that (Bundy even said that in the full statement).  But I do agree that lot’s of families in this country are depending too much on the Government, and the Politicians are basically buying their votes with entitlements.  Too many people in this country are like these seagulls in the “Fable of the Gullible Gull”.  I think that for the majority of them, it’s not their fault, but the Government isn’t helping matters with the anti-business policies that they are pushing.  I hope things get better, but it won’t until we begin holding politicians accountable and demand that they start working for us instead of their Party or Power.

Snoop: Another reason to not vote for Obama

Recently Snoop Dog has come out and tweeted his top 10 reasons to not vote for Mitt Romney.  The top reason to not vote for Romney: “He’a white n****.”  The top reason to vote for Obama: “He’s a black n****.”  Classic racist.  But that will be explained away because Snoop is black and black people can’t be racist.

Of course, there’ll be a bunch of useful idiots who will just follow him and vote based on color.  But that’s OK because Barack is Black.

This is just like my previous post about the “Vote Black” buttons at the Democrat National Convention.  Racism seems to be OK if it’s for the benefits of the Democrats.

Who fears who?

Earlier this year I witnessed an encounter that I wanted to make sure that I got out of my memory and on something semi permanent.  For context of my line of thinking we have to go back a few years and remember some statements from President Obama about race and racism.

Back in 1995, the then Law School Lecturer Barrack Obama made a statement about his Grandmother which some have equated to calling her a racist.

“…Take my grandmother, while she loves me, she still has a fear of strange black men. For her, her suspicions and fears are real…”

read more from the National Review

If you Obamaniacs want to go crazy on me about context, go to the article to get more of the context (that’s why those links are provided, duh).

There was a point early in his term as President where he talked a lot about racism.  The Beer Summit after he said that cops were acting stupidly (white cop, black man).  The comments about how we have to talk about racism.  All of this pointed directly at the white population of the US.

Well, let me take you to a pleasant spring day in downtown Seattle.  Naturally, as in many large cities, there’s areas where you can encounter interesting people.  Most of the people in the area around my office are really quite harmless.  On the occasion, you see a pretty rough type.  The kind that the street smarts say to avoid.

So, it’s in the late afternoon, I’m walking to my bus from work.  There’s a good mix of people out on the street because lot’s of people are going home from work.  Some are hanging out, enjoying the warm afternoon (it’s Seattle, a spring day where there’s sun and it’s warm brings everyone out).  As I’m walking up to my bus I see a guy hanging out about 100 ft ahead of me.  All I really notice is that he’s someone that I’ll probably have to walk around as he’s just standing just on the inside of where people usually walk.  He’s dressed up as an “Urban Thug”, ball cap with the straight bill, jogging jacket hanging off his shoulders, baggy pants defying gravity.  The only reason I noticed this detail is because he’s noticed two young black guys walking the opposite direction as me about another 100 – 150 ft ahead of me.  He greets them in the only way he can as an Urban Thug.

Now, these two black guys that this White Urban Thug is trying to talk to aren’t your average black guys from the area.  Heck, it’s evident from the vest sweaters and shirts that they were likely H51 visa holders from another country than some young urban black professionals.  One thing is certain: they were terrified that this guy was talking to them.

Because I was walking towards them, I had a full view of their faces as they tried to avoid eye contact and walk steadily on.  As they continued to walk and I passed the white urban thug I heard the thug say “Oh, I see how it is…” and that was that.  I started to chuckle after I realized what had just happened.  The poor guys had no idea what to do except to just walk on and not acknowledge the greetings from the white urban thug.

The point about bringing this up is that there’s more to someone feeling uncomfortable around someone else other than race.  More than anything, it’s the large differences in culture that can cause fear or distrust.  I witnessed it first hand.  Two black guys who really didn’t want to stop and talk it up with this white guy because of the large culture differences.  Really, people need to stop making a racial issue out of things that really have nothing to do with race.  When I see someone pulling out the race card, automatically I think it’s for some personal gain or political gamesmanship.  Not really about race.

When will race really not matter?

There’s one way I know when someone is just trying to demonize someone, that’s when they are using generalities.  The Democrats really know how to demonize someone.  Sadly, many people don’t see past the generalities and get suckered into believing the lie.

For years we’ve been told that Republicans, all of them, are racist.  That they will never vote for a black person just because they are black.  So many times we’ve been told that.  Don’t believe me, just search for “GOP racism”, or “republican racist” and you get blog after blog, faux study after faux study.  It’s everywhere.

I had a post on Facebook that basically called out those who believed it (because of posts and comments they had made).  The only response was to the effect of “well, it’s not that bad to falsely accuse someone of racism”.

Now, if it’s racist to vote for someone because they are white, what do you make of this:



That’s right, the Democrats engaging in the double standard, encouraging votes by race instead of by vitrtues of accomplishments and policy.  I guess they need to get the votes any way they can.